Trochanteric (Hip) Bursitis – What is it, and How is it Treated?


Hip pain is never a pleasant experience, and it’s something which can affect people both young and old. One of the most common hip related conditions is trochanteric bursitis, and in this blog post Brunswick…

Niggling Heel Pain? You May Have Plantar Fasciitis


The plantar fascia is a thick and fibrous ligament which runs along the sole of your feet and up to the calcaneus (heel bone), and it plays an important role in shock absorption and arch…

Managing Low Back Pain


Low back pain is one of the most common conditions treated by physiotherapists around the world. Whilst it is generally not serious in nature, the persistent pain and discomfort can limit employment and leisure opportunities…

5 Most Common Tennis Injuries and Treatment at Brunswick Heads Physio


Spring is here, and if you’re a keen tennis player you’ll no doubt be gearing up to get back on the court.  Whilst tennis is not a high-intensity sport, we still see many people presenting…

Experiencing Headache? Brunswick Heads Physio Can help Alleviate Headache Symptoms


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Pinched Nerve – Causes and Treatment at Brunswick Heads Physio


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Stress Fractures – Beware of the Signs


Stress fractures are one of the most common injuries experienced by active individuals, but it’s easy to miss the warning signs as in the beginning the symptoms tend to be rather benign. However, symptoms should…

Workplace Health and Safety – Shoulder Pain Prevention


Working at your computer might not seem like such a demanding task, but it can contribute towards the development of shoulder pain and discomfort. Modern lifestyles are increasingly sedentary, and the average office worker will…