Headaches & Migraines

Headaches and migraines can be one of life’s most interfering and debilitating types of pain. They can appear acutely after a long day at the computer or they can be chronic where people can suffer from them for years, even decades.

A high proportion of headaches and migraines are actually due to issues occurring within the joints of the upper neck. These joints when problematic, can refer pain into the head which is experienced as a headache or migraine. Our physiotherapists are highly trained to assess whether the joints of your upper neck have a role in producing your symptoms. We can then identify which specific joints are contributing to your issues and treat them accordingly to help resolve symptoms. These treatments involve gentle and safe hands-on techniques (we do not manipulate your neck). If we identify contributing factors to your symptoms, we can also provide you with advice regarding posture and work ergonomics or even prescribe exercises to help strengthen the deep stabilising muscles of the upper neck.

If you have been seeing your general practitioner for many years regarding your headaches ask them if they would recommend a trial of physiotherapy. We will then work closely with your GP to see if your neck is involved. Otherwise feel free to contact us and speak directly to one of our physios if you are unsure whether we can assist you.