Exercise Prescription and Core Strengthening Programs

Exercise Prescription

We all know exercise is beneficial for our recovery, but which exercises do we choose and what works best?

At Brunswick Heads Physio, we understand it can be confusing at times choosing the right exercise, whether it be for back and neck pain, or shoulder and knee pain.

Our physios are highly skilled in knowing what exercise to select for your specific injury and how to guide your recovery so that you can get back to doing the things you love to do sooner, whether that be throwing a ball to your dog by the Brunswick Heads River, intercepting a pass in a game of touch at a Mullumbimby oval, or carrying your children on your shoulders through New Brighton markets.

At Brunswick Heads Physio we utilise the Physitrack web based exercise program to allow you to easily access your exercises on video through your home electronic devices to assist with compliance and correct performance.

We will discuss with you your general fitness program and work closely with your personal trainer, instructor or coach to ensure smooth integration back into your sport of choice and reduce the likelihood of re-occurrence of injury.